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A Guide to iKnow!


Home is your learning dashboard.

Here you'll find your next course recommendation, study all, weekly study calendar, study progress badges and achievements, study streak, and all your courses.

Next Recommended

iKnow! recommends what items you should study next. You can see how many items ready for review you have in a course or across all your courses ("Study All").


Track your progress on:
  • Items Started
  • Items Mastered
  • Courses Completed
  • Time Studied

Study Calendars


On your Weekly Study Calendar, you can see how much you studied each day. Click on a day to get a detailed report of that day's activity. You can also click through to see the monthly view of your study.

iKnow! Terms

Items are the basic learning blocks. They can be either words or phrases, and their translation. Items can also have sample sentences.

"Ready Items" are items that are now ready for you to review.

"Strong Items" are items still fresh in your memory that you don't need to study yet.

[Memory Bank]

iKnow! presents items in a spaced rehearsal pattern optimized for efficient learning. The training sequence is based on proven principles in learning science. The system presents you with what you need to learn just at the right moment for you.

The Memory Bank is the visualization of this process and your study progress. You can watch the progress of your items increase over time.


Study All allows you to study items across all your courses.

Study All gives you a recommended mix of new and in progress items pulled from across all the courses that you're currently studying.

Study All shows you how many ready items you have in all your courses. Study All is the recommended method of reviewing content, but you can also study on a course by course basis if you prefer.


Only courses you're now studying will be recommended for study.


Save courses for future study. Add courses from Saved to Studying when you're ready to start them.


Completed courses will still come back for review if review mode is on. If you don't want to review them again, turn review mode off.


Weekly Study Target

How much time do you want to study each week? Set your target, and iKnow! will help you stay on track.

You can set your Weekly Study Target at the top of the Calendar page.



Browse Courses to find a course that interests you, or take a placement test to find the best place to start.

Placement Test

A quick test will place you in a course in Japanese or Chinese that's right for your level.


Japanese Core

Learn hiragana, katakana, and the top 6,000 words in Japanese.


Simplified Chinese

Learn the words and characters necessary for reading Chinese newspapers in simplified characters.


Traditional Chinese

Learn the words and characters necessary for reading Chinese newspapers in simplified characters.


English Vocabulary

Learn SAT words and high-level erudite English vocabulary.


Track your progress and achievements in your Progress page

See your monthly progress across items and sentences.

Graphs help you visualize how much you're learning in iKnow!. Different colors indicate items studied, items mastered, and time studied.

Achievement Badges


Get achievement badges for items studied, items mastered, weekly study targets hit, and overall time studied. You can share these achievements with your friends.