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A Guide to iKnow!

Sentence Trainer

Sentence Trainer is for practicing sentences and sentence patterns. In Sentence Trainer, there are two types of questions: Dictation and Sentence Builder. With Dictation, you hear a sentence and type out the missing words. With Sentence Builder, you build a sentence by selecting words and dragging them into place in the right order.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Sentence Trainer is designed to help improve your listening skills and control of sentence structure. Listen to a sentence a number of times to internalize important sentence patterns.

Other ways to study

There are two other study modes: Rapid Choice and Self Check. Rapid Choice is a simple and fast quiz that gives you exposure to lots of items. Self Check asks you to rate your knowledge of items. Both modes update your iKnow! items study progress.

Self Check

Self Check is a great way to keep up with mastered items. Here you're asked how well you remember an item. In just a few minutes, you can review an entire course and hone in on what you forgot.